About OCH

About OCH:

One Crown Heights (OCH) is a coalition that has brought together Black, Jewish, and Caribbean residents of Crown Heights into a unique partnership in which many members have forged deep and long-term friendships. We are a group of organizations, representatives of local elected officials, community leaders, and locals that seek to unify our diverse community and create a cooperative network of businesses, institutions, and organizations that will work together to promote communication, economic growth, social justice, and cultural vibrancy. 

Our mission is to ensure that Crown Heights is a safe, healthy, and thriving neighborhood for all of its residents. We strive to foster a sense of community, collaboration, and pride in the Crown Heights area. Our members are dedicated to creating positive change in our neighborhood through advocacy, education, and activism.

We host an annual Neighborhood Festival in August. The purpose of our summer event, in keeping with our mission, fosters unity amongst the diverse Crown Heights communities and creates a safe meeting space for families to hang out and get to know each other. Our festival creates fun and meaningful opportunities for community members to connect and communicate. 

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